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Michelob Ultra’s

# Teamultra305

 Category: Community Event

ASK: Bridge Michelob ULTRA’s wellness and fun passion points with #TEAMULTRA305 to encourage athletes and non-athletes alike to have fun crossing the finish line at the 2020, 2021 and 2022 Life Time Miami Marathon.

STRATEGY: X7 Marketing team conceptualized #TEAMULTRA305 from scratch as a way for the brand to expand their presence in the running community. We positioned Michelob ULTRA as the ultimate supporter of the South Florida running community by creating an optimized multi-faceted approach surrounding #TEAMULTRA305 to own the social conversation leading up to the Miami Marathon and the #VirtuallyMiamiFamous Miami Marathon for the second consecutive year. By focusing on the concept of Active Enjoyment, X7 was able to showcase how wellness and
fun can live together through traditional PR buzz and influencers social channels which fostered brand love and conversion of each team member of #TEAMULTRA305 into a brand advocate.



Consumer First
Turnkey Activation
Generated Submissions, Brand Awareness, and Long Lasting Relationships
Drafted and Negotiated Influencer Contracts
Developed Branded Assets and POS for Each Activation with X7 Creative Team
Launched a Trendsetting Movement within the Industry
Executed Multiple Branded Touchpoints
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