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Jim Beam

 Category: Community Event

ASK: Beam Suntory commissioned X7 Marketing to drive consideration of Jim Beam as an option within the drinking repertoire of the Puerto Rican and Dominican communities in Miami and NY, where bourbon is currently not top of mind. The brand wanted to gain incremental distribution in multicultural accounts, increase velocity in current multicultural accounts where Jim Beam is not the popular option, and support large Jim Beam accounts with affinity to multicultural experiences. All while creating an emotional connection with Jim Beam in the Puerto Rican and Dominican communities by hosting a series of Lechon A La Varita events.

STRATEGY: X7 Marketing worked diligently to find popular holidays the Puerto Rican and Dominican communities resonate with and top locations they visit frequently in Miami and in New York City. X7 Marketing conceptualized each activation and paired them with the right group of influencers to create buzz, amplify efforts and enhance brand awareness within the respective communities. X7 created a series of branded POS that was repurposed at each activation with an effort to illustrate consistency within the markets and be cost effective within the brand’s budget, ultimately leading to program savings.


Custom Branded Activation that Showcased Brand DNA and Program Components
Secured and Contracted Influencer Partners
Featured 2 Custom-Made Content Capture Moments
Created a Branded Photo Booth for Data Capturing
Worked Closely with Venue to Secure Prime Brand Positioning
Contacted Promoter to Secure Consumer Attendance
Worked Closely with the Brand to Create Custom Cocktails per Activation to Generate Product Sales
Turnkey Activation
Additional Product Trial via a Jim Beam Infused Ice Cream
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