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Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer

 Category: Sporting Event

ASK: Bring Michelob ULTRA’s Organic Seltzer brand story to life in a premium picturesque setting at the Miami Open to drive trial and awareness of the new line of seltzers.

STRATEGY: X7 Marketing incorporated the brand’s “Real is Better” slogan by adding natural finishes and sustainable divisions for a non-artificial look and feel. Guests were encouraged through multiple touchpoints across the activation to capture social media content of the decorated space and the new Organic Seltzer products. Promotions to incite trial of the new seltzers as they come in cans or as infused cocktails also fostered key Instagrammable moments and the ability to collect first-party consumer data.


Ideation and Concept
Direct POC with Vendors
Engaging Activation
Consumer First Activation
Branded Assets and POS
Turn Key Activation
Managed and Enhanced Michelob ULTRA’s
Sponsorship Package
Point Of Sale Logistics
100% Custom Build Out
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