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Bud Ligth

 Category: Community Event

ASK: Bud Light wanted to reach consumers directly in college tailgates as a way to promote and sample their hero product (canned Bud Light). The brand objectives were to activate and partner with influencers from specific schools in areas where Bud Light was the prominent choice, while fostering brand love. X7 Marketing was tasked to find influencers who are alumni that still live in the same town as their Alma Mater as a way to promote Bud Light within these communities – targeted around football tailgates.

STRATEGY: Executed a 360 campaign that included handling the location and influencer research to meet the brands geotargeting needs. 2 activations per school were crafted in 5 different states focused around their college football schedule. We provided branded gifts and POS for a completely decked out Bud Light activation at their tailgate and happy hour. These activations
generated brand awareness, social media buzz, and mass consumer product sampling.



Crafted 360 Campaign
Geotargeting Experiential Events & Influencer
Handled All Influencer Contracting and Social
Distributed and Activated Onsite with Branded POS
Created a Trendsetting Tour Within the Company
Generated Brand Love Content
Consumer Product Sampling
Created Long Lasting Brand Ambassadors
Adapted to Budget Limitations
Led Onsite Venue Logistics
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