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 Category: Marketing & Public Relations

ASK: As strategists and market experts, X7 Marketing noticed a gap in the Urban Latin music industry when it came to Latina artists. There was a need for a female led movement that celebrated and gave space to Latinas to headline and share their unique musical talents.

STRATEGY: X7 Marketing began ideating a platform for these talented and empowering women and their fans. What took nine months in the making, resulted in X7 launching a unique platform, Urban Divas United (UDU). Partnerships, sponsorships and artists were secured for this groundbreaking movement within the music industry. UDU launched as a virtual concert experience, where for the first time ever, a lineup of 10 established and up-and-coming musical sensations took the stage, ultimately generating 667+ thousand viewers globally. The presenting sponsor for Urban Divas United was Neutrogena. Through their sponsorship, they were able
to collect first-party data from the dedicated website where consumers registered for the concert. Along with the show, consumers were also granted virtual VIP Backstage Access, fully branded and stocked with Neutrogena products.



Crafted a 360 Social and Media Relations Campaign to Cover Urban Divas United Movement Before, During and After the Virtual Concert
Generated Excitement, Secured Views
and Consumer Interactions
Managed All Sponsorship Packages and
Expanded on Digital Presence
Ideated Concept and Created The Urban Divas United Brand, DNA, Brand Persona
Developed a Turnkey Activation for All Sponsors
Developed Assets, POS, Logos, on
Stage Visuals and Rendering in House
Ensured High Quality Virtual Experience
Developed All Communications and
Guidelines for Social Media, Paid Social
and Media Communications
Managed All Artist Negotiations and Contracting
Created a Groundbreaking, Trendsetting
Movement in the Music Industry
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