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Clean and Clear

 Category: Marketing Event

ASK: Develop a Gen Z-centric, digital-first campaign anchored in influencers that doubles down on the NEW Clean & Clear Aloe Vera collection as our gentlest formulas yet, which help soothe stressed-out, sensitive skin. Campaign to serve double-duty also helping rebuild trust with Gen Z by giving the voice to influencers and allowing them to talk about the brand (versus the brand trying to tell its own story).

STRATEGY: For 2 consecutive days, X7 Marketing and Clean & Clear took over the streets of L.A., going door to door visiting handpicked Latinx influencers in the Clean & Clear and Totally CalmAloe Vera Truck. This truck, was created to visibly punctuate the new collection’s soothing and calming benefits. X7 Marketing revamped a retro, yet trendy Airstream RV. The final product was an
experiential world featuring five custom-made content capture moments within the truck – one of them being integrated into a retail space. A Walmart Mini Store was displayed with an Ibotta discount and a CTA for attendees to share it out with fans organically.


Gen-Z Centric to Rebuild Trust and Encourage
Digital-First Campaign
Featured 5 Custom-Made Content Capture Moments
Secured and Contracted Influencer Partners
Carefully Crafted Visuals
Walmart Mini Store Retail Integration
Instagrammable Moments
Built Out Fully-Functional Airstream RV
Product Trial
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