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ASK: To commemorate the launch of their new sun focused products, Neutrogena® tasked X7 with creating an immersive space bringing guests to explore the outdoors – exposing these influencer guests to the environmental stressors in which the brand’s sun products are there to support.

STRATEGY: X7 created a Neutrogena® oasis in South Lake Tahoe, where a hand selected group of influencers, brand employees and dermatologists were invited to participate in a strategically planned 4 day get away (2 travel days and 2 activity days). During this trip, guests were exposed to the outdoor elements such as the sun, water, dry temperature and high altitude and were educated on the importance of sunscreen to protect their skin before sun exposure, during and after.
Activities included a sunrise air balloon ride, a kayak tour, a tree top adventure, and lastly a boat ride on an Italian style commuter boat around Lake Tahoe.


Generated Traffic + Awareness Driver
Increased Touchpoints to Better Relationships
with Influencers
Increased Touchpoints to Better Relationships
with Influencers
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Turnkey Planning and Execution of Every Experience
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