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 Category: Community Event

ASK: X7 Marketing found a need in the market for Influencers to organically interact with brand products to drive trust and more authentic connections with audiences. As a marketing and events company, X7 launched a multi-year program series of immersive experiential activations for three brands: Clean & Clear, Neutrogena and Aveeno where influencers were exposed to environmental stressors that put the products directly into their hands for beauty brands.

STRATEGY: Immersive activations are at the core of what X7 Marketing does, and our capabilities have allowed us to provide our brand partners with the most groundbreaking turnkey activations that take their campaigns to the next level. X7’s keen ability to take a brand’s campaign priorities and create immersive and engaging experiences encourages mass organic sharing in an authentic manner, that truly resonates with the brand’s priorities and brings the narrative to the consumer.

Through these activations X7 creates the perfect platform for the exchange of meaningful content, WOM and social sharing from respected, credible influencers to their followers and beyond. The experiential and immersive experiences vary depending on the brand partner and their strategic priorities – but the one constant is the lasting effect it has on relationships with influencers, consumers, media and most importantly with our brand partner.



Consumer First
Turnkey Activation
Generated Submissions, Brand Awareness, and Long Lasting Relationships
Drafted and Negotiated Influencer Contracts
Developed Branded Assets and POS for Each Activation with X7 Creative Team
Launched a Trendsetting Movement within the Industry
Executed Multiple Branded Touchpoints
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