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 Category: Marketing Event

ASK: AXIA, an elegant, refreshing, extra-dry spirit with rich history endemic to the hillsides of Chios Greece needed support in creating a robust brand story that’s poised to make consumers in Miami fall in love with the product, far beyond just its taste.

STRATEGY: X7 Marketing made AXIA’s impactful introduction into the city of Miami through

one-of-a kind immersive activations that catered to key industry tastemakers, influential personalities and most importantly, to all the Fans of Greece in the city. By bringing to life the culture and entertaining lifestyle of the Mediterranean, consumers were able to step into the world of AXIA while exploring, learning, tasting and interacting with the new Masthia category. Activations to date include a Trade and Expert event that was dedicated to educating key local industry professionals and mixologists on the versatile flavors; a VIP launch event, that officially introduced the brand into the city by offering influential personalities, and consumers a first-hand interaction with the product; A seeded Creative Delivery that created organic surround sound social buzz teasing AXIA’s Miami launch.


Boosted Brand Awareness
Promoted Trial
Encouraged Education on New Spirit Category
Secured and Contracted Influencer Partners
Amassed Organic Social Content
Piqued Consumer and Trade Interest
Instagrammable Moments
Cemented Relationships with Top Miami Mixologists
Fully Immersive Experience
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